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I am known to be a compassionate dreamer who is also entrepreneurial, multilingual and multicultural and appreciates the importance of diversity, emotional and financial freedom, self-actualization, and creativity. 

It was around Christmas many years ago when I first moved to New York City,an Armenian who barely spoke any English. 

While taking walks through this picturesque city with its twinkling lights, I fell in love with it. I was inhaling American freedom and everything seemed magical.
My background is in Business Development. I was a former senior consultant at KPMG. Then I followed my heart into the world of fashion, finding success in both corporate administration as well as my own high-end boutique. I currently practice business development for a private cosmetic surgery practice. 

Due to my diverse skill set, I love doing everything. It is almost impossible for me to be bored. 

Coaching, motivating, and guiding to execute is an innate part of my personality. I have coached countless clients across the gender spectrum with different personalities and cultural backgrounds. I have helped all my clients develop their strengths or to break free of lifestyles they have outgrown. 

I have also helped myself overcome my own obstacles. Previously, I was held back by a limiting belief that because English is not my first language — it's not even my second or third — I could not become a coach. Then I realized that this limitation was self-imposed: I was not writing essays for college, but working to change lives.
With my years of experience in business development, project management, and consulting, I have developed a business-type module management approach to life coaching. My philosophy is that you must look at your life as a business entity and become your life’s entrepreneur, so to speak, to connect the dots and climb the ladder of success.


Climbing your life's ladder takes more than having a vision and a positive mindset, doing breathing exercises, or meditating to remain calm. While meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises are good attempts at bringing some clarity to your life, there are limits to how much this activity can accomplish. 
There is work to be done to untangle the knots that have restrained you, and even after achieving your accomplishments, it is necessary to practice ongoing maintenance, discipline for long-lasting results. 


Some of the closest topics to my heart include relationships — specifically, how heartbreaks can be destructive and prevent you from focusing on your growth. In dealing with heartbreak, we sometimes put our lives on hold while we try to figure things out and recover.

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