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At the end of a relationship, you may come to search for an answer to how things might have been different, or if you have put your own priorities on hold. It can be a very distracting period in your life.

The past is the past, and some things cannot be erased from your memories.

Past events have made you who you are today. No individual is fully formed; on the contrary, each person is a continuous work-in-progress. 


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Auguste Rodin couldn’t bear it when an argument temporarily ruptured his romantic relationship with fellow sculptor Camille Claudel.

“In a single instant, I feel your terrible force,” he wrote to her in a passionate 1883 letter. “Atrocious madness, it’s the end. I won’t be able to work anymore…yet I love you furiously.”

But Rodin did work throughout their volatile romance, creating some of his most desperately passionate sculptures, including The Kiss (1882) and The Eternal Idol (1890–93).


Kiss Rodin.jpeg
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