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A booster is an eight-session or four weeks challenge to jump-start your motivation and boost your confidence.

Sharpen your image and fall in love with yourself. 

The quote goes “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” but not everyone we interact with is yet to be a beholder.


There is also the added pressure of societal standards regarding image and appearance. Whether you are aiming for a new job or maintaining your current job. It can be a challenge when to welcome aging, keep yourself attractive, and maintain a positive self-image and a healthy attitude. 


Your emotions are tied to your external appearance, and your external appearance often reflects how you feel inside. Improving your image will lead to self-reflection, helping to develop a new vision of yourself that will serve as motivation.  


This assumes there are no underlying health or mental conditions as I do not prescribe or advise on medication.


Being disoriented, discouraged, and disappointed can happen to anyone at virtually any life stage. The key is to prevent these feelings from becoming the norm.


Sometimes there is no specific reason for feeling blue.


With a booster, 


- We will identify and decompartmentalize your lifestyle, boosting your desire to focus on what is necessary for the next adventure or chapter of your life.

- We will work on enhancing your image through self-reflection, helping you to develop a new-and-improved vision of yourself that will serve as motivation.

- Whether you believe in a holistic and organic approach or simply wish to add some aesthetic tweaks (it is up to you), you can achieve refreshing and youthful results.

- When you look good, you feel good. It is as simple as that.  


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