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What is the formula for success, and how do you define it on your terms?


Perhaps you have been floating your entire life with no specific goals and you've been doing well.
Then again, perhaps you have the ambition and creativity to know that the sky is the limit. You may just need a little guidance, handholding, or discipline to kick start your development.
As you ride life's waves, remember that time is the most valuable aspect of life, and that you—and you alone—can decide exactly how you want to spend it.
Engagements with friends or family represent just a handful of all the components that go into a healthy life. In time, you will come to understand how to fit the various pieces of your life together to form a picture that conforms to your motivational vision. You will learn to enjoy the present moment and remain committed to long‑term ambitions.



There is no one formula to satisfy everyone’s needs. What's more, there are no failures or mistakes — but there are outcomes that fall short of expectations and there are learning opportunities.. 

Those are is not one aspect or one area of your life. It’s many small things that amount to a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Your personal relationships and heartbreakers, money earnings, work environment, creativity, divorce, and parental scheduling and social engagements, whether they involve friends or family, all contribute to your well-being and fulfillment. Low-achievement and anxiety about where you are in life,  may contribute to confusion and  stress low esteem and reflect on your physical comfort well being and strength  



All of those things come down to one thing. Your life: where you are, how you see yourself and most important, how do you wish to see yourself? 

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