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Is it love or lust?

Updated: Nov 1, 2021

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Addicted to love, addicted to lust, to butterflies, to feeling a connection, and to losing yourself to passion. Whatever form this takes, it reflects a deep desire to find that one person among billions. It can be one of the most uplifting feelings that humans experience.

What difference does it make? When all you crave at that very moment is that one person, we are consumed by passion.

Distraction can occur not only at the end of a relationship but at the beginning too, when we get to know each other.

No one jumps into a relationship thinking it will end one day.

Unfortunately, not all love stories end in blissful unions. Hopefully, tragedies along the lines of Romeo and Juliet remain in the realm of fiction, but heartbreak nevertheless hurts so profoundly it feels like physical pain.

And on top of that, boom! You had forgotten about your own priorities… There is no resistance because you don’t have solid ground to stand on.

There is no such thing as wasted time and every relationship contributes to something that makes us who we are today.

We were where we needed to be then at that moment. We learned and discovered more about ourselves.

Whether you are still in a relationship and enduring a rollercoaster of emotions or are unable to accept that your relationship has expired, it is a distracting period in your life. The ramifications can be significant when they involve children, finances, and the things we have built together with someone. It hurts because we have essentially put our hearts in the other person’s hands. After all, we had hoped our love with the other person would grow deeper — we thought we had built an unshakeable “US” with someone else. Even if a divorce or separation is reached by mutual agreement, there is still emotional turmoil. We are crushed when someone we trusted and loved hands our heart back broken.

When processing the end of love, the questions of how things might have been different and whether you had wasted your time, can be destructive and prevent you from focusing on the next chapter on your life.

While you undergo challenges, make tough decisions and work to heal, you will not want to look back with regret because that will mean allowing heartbreak to paralyze your development. You can balance lovesickness and emptiness with discovering a new you and advancing your life. Perhaps with something that has already always been on your mind, such as a new idea or project you had always thought about but did not embark on.

With the right assistance, we can advance ourselves, create a new lifestyle, learn about our emotions and become more resilient as we understand the importance of being gentle with ourselves. Your heart will be handed back and it will heal for someone who can incubate your love and nourish your spirit as naturally as you can.


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