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What is the formula for success, and how do you define it on your terms?

Perhaps you have been floating your entire life with no specific goals and you've been doing well.
Then again, perhaps you have the ambition and creativity to know that the sky is the limit. You may just need a little guidance, handholding, or discipline to kick start your development.

There is someone in each of our lives — it can be a coach, a therapist, or a friend; it doesn't matter — who has an outsized impact on our development. That person can not only empower us but also help us to manage our approaches and to execute our actions. 

Objective coaching means advising without dismissing your struggles; it means validating the one you coach as they strive to realize the improved version of themselves that they envision for the future.  

At the end of a relationship, you may come to search for an answer to how things might have been different, or if you have put your own priorities on hold. It can be a very distracting period in your life.

The past is the past, and some things cannot be erased from your memories.

Past events have made you who you are today. No individual is fully formed; on the contrary, each person is a continuous work-in-progress. 

ou can balance lovesickness and emptiness with discovering a new resilient you, and advancing your life. Perhaps with something that has already always been on your mind, such as a new idea or project that you had once explored but never embarked on.

I would love to help you sharpen your tools to better navigate the modern world, build awareness and deal with failures. Imagine having someone who can weigh in with different perspectives and point out different approaches to new challenges. Preventing situations from spiraling is better than having to recover after a deep fall.

Nice to meet you

As you ride life's waves, remember that time is the most valuable aspect of life, and that you—and you alone—can decide exactly how you want to spend it. 

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